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Pastor Andre Mitchell

I went to church tonight with a friend.  I was the only African-American in the entire building, but I did not feel like a stranger at all.  I felt just like family.  The family of God transcends all of our distinctions whether it be race, gender, class, or even doctrine.  God is bigger than all of that.  His presence was so strong in the place.  It makes me believe that we will never FEEL God the way He desires us to, as long as we focus on what separates us.  God is LOVE. It is only in that atmosphere that He will FEEL most comfortable.  He will not reside in an atmosphere void of LOVE.  If the singles are jealous of the married, if the singers stay upset with the audience, if the pastor is sick of the members, if the deacons are plotting to overthrow the pastor, and if the teens are at odds with the adults; then we will not see or FEEL God.  No, it is not just about a FEELING; however, a breeding ground of LOVE will make Him comfortable to show up and show out anytime He wants too.  All I’m saying is let’s make sure we have an atmosphere conducive for his appearance.  This should be all of our New Year’s Resolution, “I’m walking in LOVE in 2010.”  Because,  “When we all get together what a day of rejoicing that will be.  When we all see Jesus, we will sing and shout the VICTORY .”