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Pastor Andre Mitchell

One day while working in a factory, I had a simple but profound revelation from God. I was running a machine that cuts metal. I was placing the metal part on the fixture so I could start the machine. With much effort I tried to put the part onto the fixture but it just wouldn’t go. I struggled and struggled. I pushed, I pulled, I pressed down, and I exerted both energy and force. I actually wore myself out. So I decided I was going to go get a hammer and tap the part into it’s proper position. In order to do this, I had to let the part go. To my utter surprise, as soon as I took my hands off the part it fell right into place. Then this revelation hit me like a ton of bricks; “How many things in your life will never work until you finally take your hands off of them?” It came to me just like that in a question.

You see, many times as human beings we have this great need to be in control. The only problem is, we just don’t know what we are doing. How many people’s marriages, families, children, careers, and overall lives would be better if they stopped trying to be in control. Take your hands off! The God that created this vast universe, has created you too. He has a great big plan for your life. Stop trying to be the superhero of your life, and acknowledge your Creator in all you endeavor to do (Prov 3:5-6). Yield your plans to God, yield yourself to His Word, and yield your will to His Will.
I have flown many times, but never once have I ever taken the controls over from the pilot. You wanna know why? Cause I don’t know how to fly! As much as it hurts, I have to trust that the pilot knows what he is doing and just enjoy the ride. Life is exactly the same way and the Triune God is your Master Pilot. So likewise, it’s time to trust God and enjoy the ride (Ps 118:8). I know it has been said a thousand times, but it bears repeating once again: LET GO AND LET GOD!

(originally written for the incorruptible aliance blog )


Pastor Andre Mitchell

In honor of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. I want to share a blog that was written for my friends at IA

First I want to thank Nate “Merse” Allen and the entire IA crew for allowing me this opportunity to share my thoughts. I love getting hooked up with Kingdom minded people.

Recently I studied the autobiography of Nelson Mandela. His story of becoming a freedom fighter in a South Africa that was riddled with racist apartheid was extremely fascinating to me. I am beginning to see myself as a freedom fighter as well. I am not fighting the ills of racism, hatred, or oppression. What I fight is actually much deeper than that. It is the root cause of all evil. Romans 8 calls it the Law of Sin and Death. This law is the cause for all oppressive behavior. It is responsible for all that is wrong in our world.

You and I have been freed to live under an entirely different law. It is called the Law of the Spirit of Life. Romans 8 tells us that this law frees us from the control of the previous law. Just like the law of aerodynamics will transcend the pull caused by the law of gravity; the Law of the Spirit of Life overcomes the Law of Sin and Death every time. This is the freedom that I am fighting for. I want to see people walking in this freedom. I am willing to make sacrifices just like Mandela had to do.

However, without trying to sound arrogant or disrespectful to Nelson Mandela, I believe my cause is a more noble cause. I say that simply because this freedom that I am speaking of will never have to be entrusted to human hands in order to see it properly carried out. My Bible tells me in John 8 that If the Son makes you free you will be free indeed. That Son is referring to Jesus Christ the Righteous One. In Him is a freedom truly worth fighting for. Freedom in Christ is and always will be the final answer. If more people had embraced this truth right away, people like Mandela would never have had to fight so awfully hard.

I urge today’s Christian generation to fight and secure this freedom in Christ and release it everywhere they go. Afterall, we still are the Light of the world! I’m fighting this good fight of faith so that the people in my sphere of influence will sound just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They will be shouting, “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty we are Free at last”


Pastor Andre Mitchell

As I prepared for the onset of 2010, I decided to do some cleaning.  It was New Years eve 2009 and I wanted to enter the new year with less clutter.  Somehow it turned into throwing away the old.  I came across t-shirts that I had over a decade ago.  I  realized it was time to let these items go.   How could I expect the new while still clinging on to the old and useless items of the past. 

Obviously this sparked revelation in me as I paid attention to the spiritual equivalence.  Spiritually, it is the same way; we need to make room for the new things that await us on our spiritual journeys.  I shouldn’t expect peace until I’m willing to let go of the things that constantly cause confusion.  God will always hold true to His promises, but are we always willing to make the necessary adjustments required to experience His promises?

I often say that we treat God as if He is a spiritual Santa Clause.  In Santa’s case, he doesn’t need you to make any room.  He will squeeze himself  in the chimney and bring a bag of “goodies”.  He doesn’t expect much, except for you to be nice and maybe leave him milk and cookies.  Well, here is a News Flash for you, Jehovah God is not squeezing into anything. 

The problem is; Santa is a fairytale but God is real.  He requires you to make Him room.  He doesn’t need your nice acts.  Your righteousness is as filthy rags to Him.  He also doesn’t need your milk and cookies, or your methods to appease Him religiously.  However, what He does need and ultimately desires is a heart that will open up and say “YES” to His will.

This is how we make room for God and His entire spiritual agenda.  We must open ourselves up to Him and surrender our will to His.  We clean out anything that hinders us from yielding to His plans and purposes.  We abandon all that trys to take precedence over Him.  Simply put, we make Him room.  Once God is invited in and is given space, He will do the rest.  So with this understanding, allow me to take a page from the movie Field of Dreams and tweak it’s famous saying to fit this revelation.  “If you truly open it, He will come.”


Pastor Andre Mitchell

I went to church tonight with a friend.  I was the only African-American in the entire building, but I did not feel like a stranger at all.  I felt just like family.  The family of God transcends all of our distinctions whether it be race, gender, class, or even doctrine.  God is bigger than all of that.  His presence was so strong in the place.  It makes me believe that we will never FEEL God the way He desires us to, as long as we focus on what separates us.  God is LOVE. It is only in that atmosphere that He will FEEL most comfortable.  He will not reside in an atmosphere void of LOVE.  If the singles are jealous of the married, if the singers stay upset with the audience, if the pastor is sick of the members, if the deacons are plotting to overthrow the pastor, and if the teens are at odds with the adults; then we will not see or FEEL God.  No, it is not just about a FEELING; however, a breeding ground of LOVE will make Him comfortable to show up and show out anytime He wants too.  All I’m saying is let’s make sure we have an atmosphere conducive for his appearance.  This should be all of our New Year’s Resolution, “I’m walking in LOVE in 2010.”  Because,  “When we all get together what a day of rejoicing that will be.  When we all see Jesus, we will sing and shout the VICTORY .”