I was working on the church newsletter and wanted to add a poem for black history month. I couldn’t find one that had the Christian undertones that I wanted. You see, while I am an African-American pastor, I pastor other races as well. After searching and being frustrated that I couldn’t find what I wanted; I decided, why not just write one. Here is what I came up with. It’s called “I Am Black”

“I am Black”

I am black, I am free

I am all God made me to be.

My heart has been heavy from

Years of hatred and strife

But I’m proud to be black

Because my God gave me this life.


I am black, and I am smart

I believe my color

Is some of God’s greatest art.

Whomever looks down on me

Is too blind to see

That I’m just being

All God created me to be.


I am black, but not overly proud

Because there is one point

I must make very loud.

My greatest pride is not my skin.

It’s in the shed blood of Christ,

In Whom All colors can WIN.

By Andre Mitchell


Pastor Andre Mitchell


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