This Too Shall Pass

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Religion, Uncategorized
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AMM CEOHave you ever been in a situation that looked hopeless at best. I should say ordeal instead of situation becomes sometimes it goes on for days, weeks, months, and even years. What is important to remember is to never lose your faith because this too shall pass.

Even storm chasers and storm trackers understand that storms are designed to pass. It is in the nature of a storm to move and to not stand still. This is true of not only natural storms, but any storm you may be faced with. Storm chasers chase the storm because they know that storms operate by moving along a path. There is a revelation in that, maybe you’re  faced with a storm now so you will endure it and then chase that storm away from the path of others. Sometimes your pain is what qualifies you to be an effective deliverer for someone else (ie Moses).

I’m reminded of the storm Paul was in that caused him to be shipwrecked (Acts 27). The KJV Bible called it a tempest, when you look up tempest you will see that hurricane and gale are among its synonyms. So this was one serious storm. The scripture let’s us know it lasted a minimum of 2 weeks. However, an angel appeared to Paul and told him to “Fear Not”. He reminded Paul that he was destined to get to Rome. Well let me tell you the same thing, “Cheer Up” your future destiny is greater than your present storm.

I say cheer up because that’s basically what Paul said next. He first reminded them that he had advised them not to sail. Remember that many times storms come because of bad decisions. Sometimes the storm you are in is not even your fault. One stroke of a political pen can cause multiple storms. For that matter, much of today’s economic storms were caused by a few greedy people in prominent and powerful positions. Yet, our job is not to sit around and complain about who caused our storm, but rather take our God-given authority and do something about it. At the least, say something positive about the storm. Remember, what we say in times of crisis, can either position us for victory or defeat (Prov 18:21) Let’s look at what Paul choose to say next.

He told the ship mates to “be of good cheer” no life would be lost. Paul was in the storm too, but he got a Word from God. In your storm, if you will not murmur and complain like the Israelites did, but get a word from God on your lips like Paul did; you too can cheer up and speak peace and deliverance to those around you facing the same impossibilities just like you. Never think you are the only one going through tough times. Instead look for someone else to encourage and prove to that you have a storm, but the storm doesn’t have you.

Furthermore Paul gave one life or death instruction: “stay with the ship”. Ultimately the ship was wrecked and the passengers floated safely to shore by holding on to whatever they could. I also need to give you one life or death instruction: “STAY IN FAITH”!!!! It may not be easy and you may have to hold on to a few scriptures to survive, but faith in God and His master plan for your life will float you right onto the shore of destiny. Eventually that great big bad tempest testing storm, will only be known to you as a distant memory now called a Testimony. I’m here to remind you to “Fear Not”, “Cheer Up”, because “This too shall pass”.

  1. Kristen Graves says:

    Great writing and great truth!

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